Hi I'm Daniel. I'm a climate scientist, a photographer and a traveller. 

My interest for landscape photography sparked while living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Some of the most famous beaches in Sydney are located there. Cliffs, rockpools and the water create an awesome playground for photographers and ocean lovers in general. I've been lucky enough to enjoy this place for a few years, but my passion for photography stems from experiences that go back two decades or so. 

Everything began with a small lab that a bunch of friends created when we were teenagers. It was an underground garage, with no source of water. Supplies were expensive to us and each piece of photographic paper was a treasure. Nothing went wasted. The equipment was very old and probably fifth hand. But we had tons of enthusiasm and a great desire for experimenting. Some of the nicest pics I've ever taken are from that period. They totally give off the magic and light of those years. 

After a few years, I became a climate scientist, but never left photography aside. I kept experimenting, worked a lot with abstract photography. I started travelling and took my first portraits and also took some pictures of buildings and streets. Then I discovered cross-processing and began to appreciate the use of intense colors. As I grew, photography helped me better understand the world I was surrounded by and gave me the chance to look at its beauty. 

Thanks to my job, I have the opportunity to live in awesome places, such as Australia or Hawaii. I always tried to have the ocean nearby. I still live near the ocean (or the sea to that matter) and I realize how important it is to me. Strolling down to the beach regularly makes me feel at ease with myself and enjoy the simplicity of life. I wanted to capture this feeling in my pictures and then share those glimpses with others that have a similar view of world. This is how this website was born.

Thanks for coming by and hope you enjoy the site.